Sunday, October 30, 2011

Albert "Global Warming's Gonna Make Me Rich, Beyotch!" Gore Tries Throwing Us Under The Bus Once Again

The title lends itself to a little back-story before we get to the good stuff:

Vice President Albert Gore decides to run for the office of the President of the United States back in 2000. The conventional wisdom went that, not only would Gore wipe the floor with failed businessman/former Texas Governor George Walker Bush, he would use him as toilet paper after his victory smorgasboard. Unfortunately, after gaining more votes than his challenger, Gore throws the election, and our country, into the proverbial toilet.

It has been said that, in return for throwing said election, that Gore was offered the chance to become filthy rich by becoming the guru for the utterly failed paradigm known to us all as "Anthropogenic Global Warming". Much like the "pollution credits" that were offered to the large corporations, "carbon credits" would be shared as a commodity, and somehow, "global warming" could be controlled, and he could rake in the bucks.

What could be better, right? Perform "good works" for your country, and profit.

Alas, it was not to be.

Climategate has revealed the truth behind the "settled science"; that truth being that the "scientists" involved with researching the non-existent phenomenon turned "peer review" on its head, hyping any research which bolstered their claims; hiding and actively blocking any research which didn't; withholding data from other scientists attempting to replicate their experiments and actively working to keep their results from the public domain.

Gore, however, will not take the hint that his jig is up.

Along with Bill Nye, The "Science Guy", he has released a video that purports to explain "global warming" in such a way that any high school student can replicate said experiment.

Anthony Watts, of Watts Up With That, has debunked his latest effort:

In related news - Michael Mann is required by law to reveal the data he previously kept hidden by means of chicanery:‘climategate’-mann-suffers-three-legal-blows-in-court-escapade/

Phil Jones was said to nearly suffer from a nervous breakdown while testifying - will Michael Mann manage to eat his own head?

Let me get my popcorn and soda ready.

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